Welcome to Nova. If one of your questions is not answered below please email Kaben Clauson - kbclauson@gmail.com


When do We Meet?

Nova meets twice a month in Brickell on Tuesday evening. An open meet & greet starts at 6:30 and the club starts at 7pm sharp. We meet for an hour and half.

WHy nova?

Nova is a place to help you become the best communicator you can be. We believe that communicating well is one of the most valuable skills for work and life. Why leave it to chance?

I'm nervous, should I still go?

Yes! Everyone is nervous, including the people that started this. :) Nova isn't going to make you give a speech right away and will ease you into more confident communication through fun games. Join us.

Is there a cost?

The yearly membership fee for Nova is $20 for our first 50 members. This cost is to cover basic expenses. You can venmo the money when you arrive at your first session.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just bring an open-mind and an attitude of learning. Nova is designed as a safe place for us all to learn a challenging skill together. We expect you to participate as each member supports each other in getting better.

Why is there a waitlist?

To keep the program at a high quality we are slowly rolling out new Nova groups in bunches of 10 people. We will invite each person to a club evening as soon as we have another spot open. If you commit to attending take that seriously as many people want a spot. NOTE: Waitlist is now over 50.

Can I bring a friend?

No. If you have a friend who wants to join, have them sign up on the waitlist. We prefer to have friends in separate Nova groups as the goal here is to get effective with communication to strangers. 

Can I do Nova remotely?

No, Nova is an entirely in person experience.

What can I expect?

We have a scheduled program that includes improv games, thematic role-playing, speech review, writing exercises, and feedback for Nova speakers. We stand on our feet and get everyone involved in a fun way. See you soon!